Thursday, 23 November 2017

Monday, 6 November 2017

đź’™Matariki projectđź’™ 

^Front cover

^Second page

^third page

^Last page 


What I did:I made the book and I did the front page and second page and I helped teina with the 3rd page I also did the what is matariki page with Teina.

How I helped:I helped by helping the others understand what we were doing and giving them pages to do, and who was taking the book home and completing it and improving it.

How I think it looks:I think that it looks really good.

Who was in my group:Teina,Teagan and I

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Speed writing (1st day back term 4)

Holidays speed writing

On the first week off school holidays Teina came around we swam in the lake across the road from my house,even though it was really cold we still swam because we both weren't thinking and because we both were almost gonna pass out it was that hot.

Before we went into the lake we watched a horror movie that took place in a lake where there was this big crocodile and it was eating these people ( Black water ) . So we were freaking each other out.

While we were swimming in the lake we were going pass people houses (neighbors) because we entered the lake at lake access and then our plan was to swim towards the park which was 30 meters from lake access.

Teina stayed for one week.

The next week i went with my aunty to the netball that was taking place in the energy events centre in town,i went there for two days and learnt loads of new techniques.

For lunch of the second day we went to lime which was a little bit down the road and i ordered  two ice chocolates because they make the BEST! I also had waffles.

Also I got a new computer in which im using to write this,it was my early birthday present. ( My birthday is on november the 3rd )

So my holidays were pretty good.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Brain gym #1

What a fantastic place the safari park is.  Why haven’t you been to visit?  There are mischievous monkeys, giant giraffes, and crawling crocodiles.
As for other animals, the list is endless, lions, elephants, peacocks, pythons, and so many more. There is something to watch all the time, a monkey swinging from a climbing frame, a peacock catching food, a lion climbing a ladder.
If you are interested in food, a delicious menu is available with indoor and outdoor eating. Are you still too busy to visit? Surely not.
The park is open every day between 8am and 8pm. So book a date now! The animals are expecting you.
Winston is one of the most laid-back people I know. He is tall and slim, with black hair and he always wears a t-shirt and black jeans, his jeans have holes in them and his baseball boots are scruffy too.
He usually sits at the back of the class and he often seems to be asleep, however, when the exam results are given out he always gets an "A" I don't think hes as lazy as he appears to be?
Right / wrong

Brain gym #7 and #4

Done with Aimee

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